ATU 4.5

The ATU is a client-side application that can be used to find catalog sections
4.6.2 (See all)

The ATU is a client-side application that can be used to quickly find and download specific catalog sections (tabs) as well as the Consulting Application Guide, the Product Specification Guide, the Aftermarket Catalog, and the Pricing and Availability Digest. The ATU will also notify you when newer files are available for download which ensures that your desired files are always up to date.

Now Available...Version 4.6.2 of the ATU!
Release Notes for Version 4.6.2

The ATU can now run without needing administrative rights on your computer.
Release Notes/Support Information for Version 4.6.1

The ATU is no longer configured as a startup program.
The ATU when launched opens in your task bar rather than in your system tray and appears on top of other programs after opening.
Updates to the menus and files are now performed when the ATU is opened and also performed at 11:00 AM EST (which is still configurable).
Having issues installing/upgrading/uninstalling older versions of the ATU?
Please refer to this Microsoft solution.
PDFs not opening correctly from the ATU?
See this article regarding Adobe Acrobat Reader X.
You can also use the top-right folder icon to open the folders where the PDFs reside on your computer.
Have any questions or issues with the ATU that the above information doesn't cover?
Let us know, we'll try to assist you.

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